Successful Start to Show Season 2012!!

During the Memorial Day Weekend Team Windfall competed at their first rated dressage show of the season at Heavenly Waters in Bel Air, Maryland.

Jennifer Allen and Laredo made their debut after a 2 year hiatus, competing in Grand Prix. They started the weekend in style by achieving a 66.915% which qualifies them for the CBLM Championships, but more importantly, the score is the first of two they must achieve towards their goal of competing in the Saturday Night Grand Prix Freestyle at Dressage at Devon!

Eileen Keller & Amber Flame (Tori) made their debut after a 5 year hiatus (4 of which were spent battling lameness) and competing for the first time (rated) in Second Level. The pair earned a career high score (at any level) of 63.553% in Second Level Test 2, which qualifies the pair for the CBLM Championships. The score also gives Eileen her third score of six towards her USDF Bronze Medal.

Chris Shallcross and Paint It Black (Garth) returned to the ring for a second year and made their debut at First Level. After a trying first day of learning, they made excellent progress for the second day and ended the show receiving a 60% in First Level Test 2. This score is Chris’ first towards her USDF Bronze Medal!

Tori Thompson and Booker made their debut in the rated circuit at First Level. In their very first class of the weekend, the pair qualified for the CBLM Championships at First Level with a score of 60.405%!