Dr. Jenny Susser is coming to Windfall Farm on March 2-3 2013!

Dr Jenny Susser is a sports Psychologist with a lifetime of experience in dealing with athletes and their challenges. Her clinics are not just about show nerves. She helps riders to get through all kind of road blocks in their minds and their riding. She addresses the thoughts that may hold us back as riders and gives very clear concise tools to realize our full potential. She is the official Sports Psychologist for all of our Olympic Equestrian Teams, as well as leading motivational seminars for companies as big as Johnson and Johnson.

For more information or for an application to ride our audit this exciting clinic, please email: OmniJAllen@mac.com or call 609-381-2248

This and That

It has been a challenging summer to say the least although it has been a fairly quiet one. The Windfall Farm team is usually a strong presence at the Region 1 shows throughout the season, but this year was a little different. In April, we lost one of our rock solid heroes of the barn and the show scene, Poet. He was as beloved as he could be, and he was taken from his owner, Emily all too soon due to a heart condition.

Then Java, (Livius), had an eye infection that was severe enough that we briefly thought he might lose his eye. He was also unable to compete. We are happy to report that Java is on the mend and back to work, and he and Lilli will be a force to reckon with on the 2013 show scene!

Laredo, Booker, Dior and Garth went on to do some showing, and the Windfall Farm Team managed to have wins at recognized shows from Training Level all the way through Grand Prix. We even had a possible plan of qualifying for Dressage at Devon in the Grand Prix, but we didn’t quite pull it off financially.

It isn’t a bad thing that we didn’t hit the show season hard this year. The good work we are doing to create more engagement and throughness in our horses during training sessions that are not geared for a show performance will only strengthen future performances and give us an opportunity to dedicate ourselves to the passion for our horses and our sport without the pressure of competition.

We still have the BLM Finals to go, and I am making a personal pilgrimage to Long Island to ride with one of my all time favorite trainers, Robert Dover before he leaves for Florida for the season. Laredo and I are also going to have a Sports Psychology session with Dr. Jenny Susser, a world renowned sports psychologist who specializes in helping equestrian athletes.

I will share whatever enlightenment I gain from my trip north next week, so stay tuned!

Successful Start to Show Season 2012!!

During the Memorial Day Weekend Team Windfall competed at their first rated dressage show of the season at Heavenly Waters in Bel Air, Maryland.

Jennifer Allen and Laredo made their debut after a 2 year hiatus, competing in Grand Prix. They started the weekend in style by achieving a 66.915% which qualifies them for the CBLM Championships, but more importantly, the score is the first of two they must achieve towards their goal of competing in the Saturday Night Grand Prix Freestyle at Dressage at Devon!

Eileen Keller & Amber Flame (Tori) made their debut after a 5 year hiatus (4 of which were spent battling lameness) and competing for the first time (rated) in Second Level. The pair earned a career high score (at any level) of 63.553% in Second Level Test 2, which qualifies the pair for the CBLM Championships. The score also gives Eileen her third score of six towards her USDF Bronze Medal.

Chris Shallcross and Paint It Black (Garth) returned to the ring for a second year and made their debut at First Level. After a trying first day of learning, they made excellent progress for the second day and ended the show receiving a 60% in First Level Test 2. This score is Chris’ first towards her USDF Bronze Medal!

Tori Thompson and Booker made their debut in the rated circuit at First Level. In their very first class of the weekend, the pair qualified for the CBLM Championships at First Level with a score of 60.405%!

Appel Farm

From June 27 through August 20, The instructors at Windfall farm taught campers from the prestigious Appel Farm Arts and Music Summer program all about horses, dressage, riding to music, and fundamental horse care. We have been so excited to share our knowledge and our love of horses with these talented young people whether they have never seen a horse before or if they are already accomplished equestrians.

It has been a great summer! For more information, please see our contact page and drop us a line! We look forward to another wonderful summer camp next year.

Oh Baby!

On April 27 at 6:15 am, the most delightful little filly was born. A lovely bay with four white socks and a blaze came charging into the world. We struggled with trying to find just the right name within the parameters set forth by the Dutch Warmblood Society, (the name had to start with an F, and had to be a certain number of characters).
We struggled and made lists and finally, a dear friend stopped by and said, “… SHE IS PHENOMENAL”. I looked up the Dutch spelling, and there it was:

FENOMENAAL! Thanks Chris… you are a part of the fabric of this farm forever.